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Corporations, startups, investors, foundations, governments…


I consult with a fascinating array or organizations trying to get a handle on the future and figure out how they can create value in the next great transition.



- Lean Startup

- Business Model Innovation 

- Business and Lean Model Canvas

- Customer Development

- Product/ Market Fit 

- The Reverse Pitch

- Strategy Consulting 

- Pitch Deck Development 

- Investment Planning and Strategy 

- General Advising 


- Working With Startups 

- Quality Dealflow 

- Risk/Return Rationale 

- Strategy Consulting 

- Finding Co-Investors 

- Stacking Fees And Efficiencies 

- Working With Accelerators


- Innovation strategy

- Working with startups 

- Accelerator strategy 

- Venture Studio Approach

- The promise and peril of exponential technology 

- Growing the pie 

- Investing in barbarians at the gate 

- Innovation and your core business 


- PRI and MRI Strategy

- How To Find And Vet Deals

- Quality Dealflow

- Impact and Metrics

- Strategy Consulting


- Creating Accelerators, Incubators and Prizes 

- Leveraging Grants

- Using Networks, Accelerators and Beyond

- Strategy Consulting 

- Creating An Innovation Ecosystem 

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